Thursday, October 6, 2011

On a serious note

I'll admit that I thought I had plenty to say, but I believe some writes block has just crept up on me.  I wouldn't think that it being 4 am has anything to do with it.  Yes, its that early.  I get up early to beat the crowd.

I have been listening to Linda Larsen's 12 Secrets to High Self Esteem.  In doing this it ties into one of my goals for October, which is losing a bit of weight and really finding myself.    I have came to realize that I don't really accept myself.  My motivation really is coming from a place of self loathing and that is not going to produce results.   She asks that you get in front of a mirror.. in your birthday suit. My initial thought was,  Gasp... has this woman lost her mind?  Why would I want to do that? Next step is to really check out what you see...   I am riding in my car thinking... well, she had me until now, there is no how no way I am doing this.  Then, she really topped the charts by saying to do this every morning and every night while saying that I truly love and accept myself.   I have not started that process yet,  but it really made me think.  Why on earth wouldn't I be able to?   What does that really say about how I feel and where I am.    Could you?  Would you?   I will validate that in this searching, I realized that when I was down to my skinny happy place, about 15 pounds away,  I got there just by making better choices.  I wasn't in a place of loathing.  I wasn't there to punish it off of me.  It was not  a chore, it surely was not an obsession and a disappointment.  It was just me enjoying life, myself and my marriage.   The weight loss was just a wonderful side effect.

Acting our Wage

How many of you get excited when watching Extreme Couponing?  I'll tell you that the woman last night laughing about clearing the shelf aggravated me.  If they have a limit of 4 products per transaction that was put in place to ensure other people can get the deal as well.    It was just frustrating to me to see it.   Sometimes I only want two of something... and its not there.  

So I received an email yesterday that one of my credit cards was paid off.  That is the first one on our list of many that has been checked off.  We are on a snowball repayment plan, so what that means is not the money that was paid on that one will be distributed to all the other ones.   I think it was only a $20.00 payment, but still.  We have one gone!!   WOO HOO.  I made my bi-lo and CVS trip yesterday.  My Bi-Lo transaction was $99 and I got it down to $56.  Not bad for a weeks worth of groceries to feed 4 people.  I also scored free and .19 butter.  (ladies, and 2 boxes of Tampax for $1.25 a piece.)  If you have  last weeks coupons there is a B1G1 that you can use and then use 2 $1.00 coupons that were in there, and there you have it!!  Fun Fun.  

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