Monday, July 18, 2011

Dear Monday..go away!

Good Morning everyone!!   Its almost 5am, and I need to start getting ready.  Now it is time for my grown up day job.  I have been mother, wifey, and housekeeper all weekend.    Along with eating anything that didn't eat me first.  Must mean anxiety, I just don't know over what.  I was going to weigh in and give my measurements to show my progress, but I feel kind of defeated this morning.  I'll make it a learning curve and embed in my brain that though it didn't all add 200 lbs, it is not getting me toward my goal.  If I am still full this morning, thats a good indicator I ate too much.  Though it actually was a salad.  (I wont fess as to what was on it.)

Tonight though,  ZUMBA with Ashley!  I heart this chic, much.  This will be my second class, but the first one was awesome.  If you are local, come support.  I am now a fan and will be there as much as I can.   We even Zumba'd in the rain.  Shout out!!  Too fun.   I just half way groovin, just cause I dont know the songs, burned 600 calories.  Is that not crazy.  I thought so!!! 

There were butternut squash here.

And this was okra big pretty leaved okra
I found 1/2 my garden gone.  Yes just gone.  We discovered a momma dear with a wittle baby.  It is just too precious for me to care. 

I am moving along in my Bible in 90 days.  I am a bit behind but not enough to hurt me.  I'll catch up today during lunch.   I'm loving really knowing God's story. 

Our Kroger trip went well. We spent more money than we had calculated.  But the deals were awesome.  And what we got will feed us for a while, well them.  We got 25 things of easy mac and cheese, 10 things of chips a hoy, 12 cans of pringles,  25 bottles of vitamin water, notebooks,  12 crayola crayons, fishsticks, pizza, hamburger meat,  deli meat, bread,  6 things of garlic bread, and a few other great deals ,  $450 dollars worth of groceries for under $200.  Included in that was a purchased debit card to add to my fuel points for gas.  I got .40 off each gallon of gas.    Not too shabby, not too shabby!!

When we get back from Florida, I am going to begin my "Act your wage" installments!!   Have a great week and blessed day everyone.  I hope to continue to become more frequent with my posts.  :)  So stay tuned for day to day As told on Bennett Lane!! 

Friday, July 15, 2011

Check in

The past couple of days have been a whirl wind.  I gots my hair did.  My fav thing to do.  Tracey rocked it out! Much love. 
Last night was Zumba.  I tried the class that is held here in town.  We zumba'd in the rain.  AWESOME.  I danced my butt off and LOVED it.  I never wanted to leave. 
Mega Kroger Event trip tonight.  Not a big purchase, but lots of food.  I'll post pics and do a Kroger post tomorrow!!  Its so fun. 
Still B90'n it.  God is Good!  

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Basil and Peaches and everything nice

Basil and Peach topped ice cream with a lemon poppy seed muffin. 
Yes, I am trying to lose ten pounds.  :) But to defend myself (giggles)  this was supper, and the second helping I had counted as dessert.  So there, and to be quite honest, if i didnt have to go to work, it could have been breakfast too. I heart this, alot.   I have to give a big shout out to my P-Dub,  The Pioneer Lady.  Where she comes up with these things, I ll never know.  But she wins my heart on a daily basis.   The lemon poppy seed muffin was my idea.   I need to close this discussion, otherwise I will be eating another bowl in my gym shorts and sports bra at 4 am while I finish this. 

I am on day three of my B90, only 87 more days to go that I am sure will be filled with delight.  I'm learning here.   There will be lots of notes for me to study when I am done.

I am doing well with my personal training.  I have lost a good 2 solid pounds, which makes me happy.  I have a goal in mind to lose at least 5 more before we go Florida.  And yes that is 10 days.   I think I can do it,  I know I can do it.  Im slacking on my cardio.  

I'm prepping for another good Kroger run this week.  For all of you who don't know by now, I have started couponing.  I love it.  We have been working on getting ourselves out of debt.  I have a number and will post it soon.  I intend on picking on day out of the week to blog on that, and it may indeed be on Sundays. 

This picture shows $400 + of retail groceries and household goodies.  I paid a whopping $70 for it.    I will show you guys my binder and hope that I can begin to list my shopping trips each week and then show my debt progress.   I do hope you guys follow me on my journey to enlightenment, debt freedom, weight loss, and just life!!  You never know whats going on at the Henderson's!!! 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

B90 Baby!!

I started the Bible in 90 days yesterday, read my required and went a few ahead.  I will admit, I didn't know Noah like I thought I did.   Last time I went to church at where a friend of mine's father preaches, he did his sermon on how little we actually know of the Bible and how we take other's words as truths, when in fact its often misquoted  and some are just simply old wives tales that we just accepted because we have heard them so much.  I am really excited for this journey of just his word.

We are knee deep in summer and too far away from vacation.  I can not wait to hear those waves.  I always get up early that first morning, its normally still dark.  I'm like a kid at Christmas, I just have to sneak down.  This time we are on the first floor beach view, so it will make it all so easy.   I get my cup of coffee and just sit out there in the dark waiting for that first flicker, glimmer, hint of a sun rise.  The birds start to talk and I know its getting close.  I reveal in the silence but am always overcome by the loudness and serenity of the waves.  There is something so surreal about sitting there feeling like you have arrived at the edge of the earth, nothing else around you. Then the explosion of colors.  The sound of God's creatures waking.  Witnessing the birth of another day that we so often take for granted.   Eleven days and counting!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Whats that smell? One afternoon, one great quest, and a whole lot of GAG!

For the better part of a week I have been complaining of a smell in the laundry room.  We have diligently washed clothes. I have searched cabinets.  On Wednesday, I was convinced it was a dead mouse.  The smell was bad.  Last night when I arrived home my house smelled terrible.  Joey had himself already turned the laundry room upside down.  I had a fear deep down my deep freeze was failing me.  Through numorous gag sessions and a questionable stickly floor, we found the culprit, sort of.  Whatever it was existed, or non existed, judging by the smell in a cloth clothes hamper.  We( and by that I mean Joey) tossed it on the back porch and it became cause for curiosity as the smell was just sickening.  My son was already dry heaving but the girls thought it was funny.   In a quick swoop Joey dumps it and we all stand there and study a grocery store bag full of something covered in a brown liquid (gag and double gag).  Then Joey announces it was a bag of chicken.  I normally would've been upset. I would have seen $ signs blowing in the wind, or rottening in a bag! (gross I know! :) )  BUT,  to watch my husband dry heave over one side of the porch and the boy tossing cookies off the other side, was pretty priceless.  I doubt it would make a credit card comermercial, but I almost sure this day will go down in history as, "The day  we found the brown chicken!".
p.s. I have a strong need to revisit my vegitarian diet for a few weeks.