Tuesday, July 12, 2011

B90 Baby!!

I started the Bible in 90 days yesterday, read my required and went a few ahead.  I will admit, I didn't know Noah like I thought I did.   Last time I went to church at where a friend of mine's father preaches, he did his sermon on how little we actually know of the Bible and how we take other's words as truths, when in fact its often misquoted  and some are just simply old wives tales that we just accepted because we have heard them so much.  I am really excited for this journey of just his word.

We are knee deep in summer and too far away from vacation.  I can not wait to hear those waves.  I always get up early that first morning, its normally still dark.  I'm like a kid at Christmas, I just have to sneak down.  This time we are on the first floor beach view, so it will make it all so easy.   I get my cup of coffee and just sit out there in the dark waiting for that first flicker, glimmer, hint of a sun rise.  The birds start to talk and I know its getting close.  I reveal in the silence but am always overcome by the loudness and serenity of the waves.  There is something so surreal about sitting there feeling like you have arrived at the edge of the earth, nothing else around you. Then the explosion of colors.  The sound of God's creatures waking.  Witnessing the birth of another day that we so often take for granted.   Eleven days and counting!

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