Monday, July 18, 2011

Dear Monday..go away!

Good Morning everyone!!   Its almost 5am, and I need to start getting ready.  Now it is time for my grown up day job.  I have been mother, wifey, and housekeeper all weekend.    Along with eating anything that didn't eat me first.  Must mean anxiety, I just don't know over what.  I was going to weigh in and give my measurements to show my progress, but I feel kind of defeated this morning.  I'll make it a learning curve and embed in my brain that though it didn't all add 200 lbs, it is not getting me toward my goal.  If I am still full this morning, thats a good indicator I ate too much.  Though it actually was a salad.  (I wont fess as to what was on it.)

Tonight though,  ZUMBA with Ashley!  I heart this chic, much.  This will be my second class, but the first one was awesome.  If you are local, come support.  I am now a fan and will be there as much as I can.   We even Zumba'd in the rain.  Shout out!!  Too fun.   I just half way groovin, just cause I dont know the songs, burned 600 calories.  Is that not crazy.  I thought so!!! 

There were butternut squash here.

And this was okra big pretty leaved okra
I found 1/2 my garden gone.  Yes just gone.  We discovered a momma dear with a wittle baby.  It is just too precious for me to care. 

I am moving along in my Bible in 90 days.  I am a bit behind but not enough to hurt me.  I'll catch up today during lunch.   I'm loving really knowing God's story. 

Our Kroger trip went well. We spent more money than we had calculated.  But the deals were awesome.  And what we got will feed us for a while, well them.  We got 25 things of easy mac and cheese, 10 things of chips a hoy, 12 cans of pringles,  25 bottles of vitamin water, notebooks,  12 crayola crayons, fishsticks, pizza, hamburger meat,  deli meat, bread,  6 things of garlic bread, and a few other great deals ,  $450 dollars worth of groceries for under $200.  Included in that was a purchased debit card to add to my fuel points for gas.  I got .40 off each gallon of gas.    Not too shabby, not too shabby!!

When we get back from Florida, I am going to begin my "Act your wage" installments!!   Have a great week and blessed day everyone.  I hope to continue to become more frequent with my posts.  :)  So stay tuned for day to day As told on Bennett Lane!! 

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