Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Laundry day and garden catch up

Meet Bruce of Brussell's Sprout
And this is Millie Mater
Every one is busy putting up clothes, so I thought I would steal away for a bit.  I just wanted to post some update pics of the garden, and to update that I am going to update.... on my mission to destroy Captain Debt. He is one evil villain.
Look at my itty bitty squash..

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The boy hits double digits

Well, It's official, I am getting older... well actually "The Boy" turned 10... yikes...  10, a decade he proudly announced.  This birthday was a hit! We purchased xbox live and got him an xbox cake... (ignore the dent in the front, that was caused by my fat finger...boo)  My aunt bakes, and she bakes like a pro.  If it involves food, my family, we do it well. No worries of a famine when we are around.  The video games have been a hit all afternoon,  "The Boy" and Jethro (a.k.a, Joey or Jofus) are happy as hogs in..well.. you know.  Either way they are quiet and I feel good that I finally got him what he wanted.  Oddly enough Joe is just as happy, I think it was a conspiracy and I fell right into the trap. 

Before all of the festivities I got up early and hit Bi-Lo and payed $50 for $90 worth of groceries, yay.  Then we went to Walgreens, I had my work cut out for me. I am a CVS kind of gal.  I did however only spend $40 for a whopping $170 dollars worth of stuff. Those $12 razors, were .89 cents... SHUT UP!  I paid less for the two things of pull ups than what one costs. All those deodorants, FREE.  Yes, Free.  Sigh, it makes me very happy.  

 I will write tomorrow with my debt free plans and what we are doing to eliminate debt. I also want to start losing weight again, and there will be a garden update.   I have veggies...  :) I am a gardener.. I can grow my own food.  squeal...  it makes me so happy.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Garden, the storms, and life as we know it

Last weekend I planted my garden. Very proud indeed. I took lots of pictures, and intended on starting this blog on my happy Henderson adventures. Oh and two of children took advantage of the water hose.. and for a sneak attack on Daddy, and then Daddy got them back.

Then, the storms came.  The infamous day that went down in history.  We suffered no damage really.  We physically laid eyes on one of the twisters.  On the trip to take the girls home today, we saw much of the devastation first hand.  More than once it took my breath away. My soul cries for those affected. I can't even digest seeing the devastation,  I will not pretend to imagine what living it first hand feels like. 

I now will admit willingly for the first time, I understand what God Fearing means, and to follow that, praising him through the storm. I am my fathers child and I feel that he is speaking to us.  

I am going to post a few pics of my garden and call it a post....  not a very good way to start a blog, but in the spirit of our events, I will now start off slow, as things have been slow, not too much to share. Time in the south has seemingly stopped.    I do send my warmest prayers out.