Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Happy Hump Day!

So, this blogging thing takes some dedication and time.  I am still managing my time… seeking out where my true dedication needs to go, and getting whacked upside the head with life!  AHHHH.     I have committed to my diet.  With today really being day one.  I do hate to say diet. But, it is what it is.   Ok, let’s re-word that.   I am consuming less food as a daily habit to bring me closer to my goal of my desired self.  There how is that.   *ps, I am hungry*  I say, “Don’t think about a polka dotted pink elephant running backwards down a hill”….  Haha.. that’s a funny picture right…   STOP thinking about it… I asked you not too.  My tummy just had that same discussion with me over some cottage cheese I have in the fridge.     

So, I resisted most urges and mostly got through my meal plan with no additions.   I wore my body bugg yesterday and purposely did as little as I could to try and capture my lowest calorie days.  I burned 1867 calories.  I ate about 1200 giving me a deficit of 600 calories.  That not with exercise, so the results will be better once I find what I truly want to do.   I weighed in this morning at 136.  I would love to see 133 before this month is up.  

As far as acting my wage, I had some ebay buck so I ordered 20 dog food coupons that will be a $1.47 money maker at Wal-Mart. Thats right that is a $29 money maker.  I likely will not be able to get them all at one time, however a few here and there will cover bread and milk.  My ebay bucks were at about $5 and the coupons cost $10.   I paid I believe $4.95, so if you subtract that from the $29, its still about a $25 money maker.  Plus  FREE dog food.  You can't beat it. 

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