Sunday, September 25, 2011

Is it almost Monday already?

So another weekend has basically came and gone.   The house is still messy and I have a stomach bug.  I feel like crap and still have put on 3 pounds...   Its all those crackers.  boo.  (oh and maybe that bang bang shrimp at 9 pm the other night......) So I will be visiting my treadmill in the early morning.   I have been recording TV shows that I either just never get to watch or that I fall asleep during.  I am making a promise/deal with self right now that I can only watch those movies/shows on the treadmill.  I may go to Zumba a few times this week.    I sure do miss it and it burns about 400 calories on me a session.  

We went Friday night for a painting class and both of us ended up loving it.  It felt really good to be that expressive and have something pretty to take home.   We will definitely go back.

Extreme Couponing

Ha!!  That sounds so funny!  We actually did have a good trip yesterday.  Couponing at our finest.  I do have to compliment my husband because the Walmart portion of the trip was his planning.  The total on all products was a whopping $180.00,  we paid taxes and all , drum roll......$25.00.   How awesome?
We have 28 bags of cascade dish washing tabs, 5 bottles of scope mouth wash, 10 things crest toothpaste, 5 crest floss, one pack oscar mayer hotdogs, 3 packs oscar mayer deli meat, 2 packs oscar mayer bacon, 10 Fage yogurt , 2 bags assorted chips 4 cans libby veggies, 1 carton eggs, 2 packs of hamburger meat, 4 things organge juice, coffee creamer, almond milk, 8 Fuze drinks , hotdog buns, hamburger buns, one loaf of bread and 2 things of jello

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