Sunday, May 15, 2011

The boy hits double digits

Well, It's official, I am getting older... well actually "The Boy" turned 10... yikes...  10, a decade he proudly announced.  This birthday was a hit! We purchased xbox live and got him an xbox cake... (ignore the dent in the front, that was caused by my fat  My aunt bakes, and she bakes like a pro.  If it involves food, my family, we do it well. No worries of a famine when we are around.  The video games have been a hit all afternoon,  "The Boy" and Jethro (a.k.a, Joey or Jofus) are happy as hogs in..well.. you know.  Either way they are quiet and I feel good that I finally got him what he wanted.  Oddly enough Joe is just as happy, I think it was a conspiracy and I fell right into the trap. 

Before all of the festivities I got up early and hit Bi-Lo and payed $50 for $90 worth of groceries, yay.  Then we went to Walgreens, I had my work cut out for me. I am a CVS kind of gal.  I did however only spend $40 for a whopping $170 dollars worth of stuff. Those $12 razors, were .89 cents... SHUT UP!  I paid less for the two things of pull ups than what one costs. All those deodorants, FREE.  Yes, Free.  Sigh, it makes me very happy.  

 I will write tomorrow with my debt free plans and what we are doing to eliminate debt. I also want to start losing weight again, and there will be a garden update.   I have veggies...  :) I am a gardener.. I can grow my own food.  squeal...  it makes me so happy.

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